buy diuretics online



buy diuretics online

Uses of diuretics

Your doctor may prescribe diuretics for you if you have the following.

  • High blood pressure. Diuretics are one of four main types of medicines your doctor may prescribe.
  • Too much fluid in your body tissues (known as oedema) as a result of heart failure.

They’re sometimes used for other conditions too. These include glaucoma, where a type of diuretic may be given as eye drops to help lower the pressure in your eye.

Diuretics aren’t suitable for everyone. They might cause problems if you have certain other medical conditions. And they can also interact with other medicines you may be taking. See the Side-effects and Interactions sections below for more information. Always tell your doctor about any other conditions you have and any medicines you’re taking.

Make sure your doctor knows if you are, or may be, pregnant. Some diuretics can harm your unborn baby. If you’re breastfeeding, ask your doctor whether your medicine could cause problems for your baby.

How do diuretics work?

Your kidneys filter out water, salts and waste products from your blood. Most of the water and salts are then taken back into your bloodstream. But some are left with the waste products to form urine (pee).

Diuretics stop salts and water from being taken back into your bloodstream. This means more water and salts are passed in your pee. You need to pee more often, which is why they’re often called ‘water tablets’.

Getting rid of extra salts and fluid in this way lowers the amount in your bloodstream. This reduces the volume of your blood. This helps lower your blood pressure and gives your heart less work to do.


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